Choristers' Challenge

Sing like a Catholic. Sing the Mass.

God Loves Friday

God Loves Friday

Sacred Heart Choir HOMEWORK



God Loves Friday

God Loves Friday

The New Liturgical Evangelization

Are you a Pastor who is looking for ideas on how to revitalize your worship?

Try this:

1) Teach the congregation that the Mass is meant to be sung

Read Musicam Sacram  and Sing to the Lord for teaching ideas

2) Begin to chant the simple dialogues and prayers at every Mass (the parts in black below: #1)

3) Never stop chanting these easy parts (#1). Be consistent so that this becomes normal.


God Loves Friday

Archdiocesan Rural Choir SINGS!

God Loves Friday

SEEKing the Future

SEEK is the annual FOCUS leadership conference. Young adults from across the country attend to learn how to transform the world in Christ. Look, listen and watch! What a great witness to youth and worship.


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