Sacred Heart Parish musicians sing the propers in English from Fr. Samuel Weber’s The Proper of the Mass for Sundays and Solemnities. We enjoy singing Fr. Weber’s settings because he possesses a fine skill in setting the English language to chant. Furthermore, we are grateful that he provides each antiphon in four variations with varying levels of difficulty. Depending on our rehearsal schedule, we can spend extra time to master the second option or, with less rehearsal time, we can easily sing the third option with confidence. The first option provides us with a goal to strive for, as it mimics the original Latin chant melody. The fourth option can be sung at sight by children. This flexibility helps our schola to develop at our own pace and helps us to promote the singing of the propers to all musicians.

20th Sunday in Ordinary Time: Introit

20th Sunday in Ordinary Time: Communio –