During Lent, we are singing the Mass Ordinary in Latin. As part of the Choristers’ Challenge, the Sacred Heart Choir, the Youth Choir and Gloria Singers have learned the Kyrie and Agnus Dei from the Missa de Angelis (Missa VIII), the Sanctus from the Jubilate Deo Mass (Missa XVIII) and the ¬†Mortem tuam from the Roman Missal. The Missa de Angelis (the Mass of the Angels) remains one of the most popular Masses in the world. It is often heard at Papal liturgies, as it enables people from various countries to sing together. This Mass was sung most Sundays in our parish before the Second ¬†Vatican Council.

Members of the Sacred Heart Youth Choir are featured on the above recordings. Benjamin Bugenhagen begins two of the chants.JPII_WP-1080x608