What are the Mass Propers?

In general, the Mass consists of the Propers (chants/texts for a specific Mass) and the Ordinary (the parts of the Mass which remain the same every time Mass is celebrated).  The propers consist of Psalms intended to be sung during the Entrance, Offertory and Communion processions at every Mass. Following the Second Vatican Council, musical settings of the Propers and the Ordinary were compiled in a new edition of the Graduale Romanum. Although widely neglected, the Propers remain an inspiring means by which to sing the Mass, and to immerse ourselves in Sacred Scripture.  Adam Bartlett‘s Simple English Propers provides a way for musicians to sing the Proper Chants in a simple English version. Since his setting matches the mode of the original Latin chant found in the Graduale Romanum,  musicians can seamlessly sing both consecutively. In this way, English speaking congregations understand the text AND the Church’s important evangelical tool of Gregorian Chant draws us into true worship.

Here is an example from the 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time: Communion.


The sheet music for the two propers: Graduale Romanum and Simple English Propers