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Saint Cecilia, Pray for Us.

Ascension Thursday

God Bless

the Archdiocese of Omaha

for celebrating

Ascension Thursday on Thursday!

I especially like the images where the artist shows only Jesus’ feet.

There is a great scene of the Ascension from one of the early silent movies, “The Life and Passion of Jesus Christ,” directed by Lucien Nonguet et Ferdinand Zecca and produced by Pathe Freres in 1903. The Ascension begins at 42:20.


Saint Peter’s Catholic Church, Omaha, NE

IMG_1119On Sunday, October 11, Sacred Heart Parish Musicians left Norfolk at 6:35 am and arrived at Saint Peter’s Catholic
Church at 8:45 am to warm up with the Saint Peter Choir. Zachary Turner, Director of Sacred Music at Saint Peter’s Church, allowed us to join with his talented musicians to lead the music at the 9:30 am Mass.

Saint Peter’s underwent a stunning renovation several years ago, and I had not yet had the opportunity to visit. Fortunately, our former associate, Fr. Gregory Carl, began his new assignment at St. Peter’s a few weeks ago, so we had even more reason to plan an inspiring trip to St. Peter’s.


2 minute Video of our trip

Lunch after Mass