On the ride home from our recent trip to Saint Peter Catholic Church, we viewed “Boys Town” starring Mickey Rooney. The movie portrays the work of Father Flanagan. One of the many interesting aspects of Father Flanagan’s work was how he incorporated music into a child’s life at Boys Town. The Boys Town Choir earned international recognition, touring and performing around the world. Father Flanagan brought Omaha, Nebraska to the world’s attention through the Boys Town Choir.

That Fr. Flanagan was able to take homeless children from off the streets and teach them to sing so well that popes and dignitaries praised them fairly boggles the mind. Not only is this implausible, it’s absurd. Why should homeless children be taught how to sing? Wouldn’t food, shelter and schooling suffice? Surely, these are appropriate works of mercy.

Father Flanagan evangelized through music. Music brings us into contact with Beauty, one of the attributes of God. Just as God lavishes us with His love, Fr. Flanagan lavished these street kids with beauty.

Servant of God Father Flanagan. Pray for us.