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CS LEWIS on Church Music

THERE ARE TWO musical situations on which I think we can be confident that a blessing rests. One is where a priest or an organist,

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CS LEWIS on progress


CS LEWIS on the use of the Vernacular

Although Lewis writes about the use of the vernacular for the Church of England, his insight is helpful for Roman Catholics, too.

As to the words of the service – liturgy in the narrower sense – the question is rather different. If you have a vernacular liturgy, you must have a changing liturgy: otherwise it will finally be vernacular only in name. The ideal of “timeless English” is sheer nonsense. No living language can be timeless. You might as well ask for a motionless river.

I think it would have been best, if it were possible, that necessary change should have occurred gradually and (to most people) imperceptibly; here a little and there a little; one obsolete word replaced in a century – like the gradual change of spelling in successive editions of Shakespeare.  from The Joyful Christian

CS LEWIS on Liturgy

EVERY SERVICE is a structure of acts and words through which we receive a sacrament, or repent, or supplicate, or adore. And it enables us to do these things best – if you like it, it “works” best – when, through long familiarity, we don’t have to think about it.  Continue reading