One year ago, we closed our main church for renovation. For several months, Masses were held in one of two school gyms. Setting up Mass in different gyms involved loading up carts with Mass supplies and making trips to and from makeshift sacristies. The best part of this time was that I had a helper every Wednesday for school Masses. For several years, he had been attending daily Mass and when he saw the extra work involved with gym Masses, he jumped right in to help.

During the long winter months, we got to know each other as we loaded up cafeteria carts with candles, wine, hosts, the Missal and a Lectionary.

After the renovation, our reason for spending time together had ended and there was a momentary concern that our friendship would wane. However, Jack kept in touch through phone calls and with invitations to gatherings with mutual friends.

Finally, after almost a year, Jack’s example rubbed off on me and I began to attend daily Mass with him. With my wife’s blessing, I now leave home a little earlier to attend our 7:30 am Mass: the greatest prayer on earth.