This year marks the 9th year that the Sacred Heart Youth Choir has performed a musical. The youth choir primarily sings for Mass, but the musical has become one of the highlights of the year. Most years, we prepare a published Musical. However, once before, our youth directors not only directed and choreographed the musical, but also wrote and arranged it! Watching the youth directors create a musical from scratch brings a whole new level of excitement to the project.

This year, two of our talented youth directors have written and arranged “Esther.” This musical provides an entertaining twist on the Biblical story. They have compiled songs from the Contemporary Christian Music genre, Vacation Bible School and new compositions.

No Matter How I Feel

Everybody Dance Now

Lord I Need You

Haman’s Decree

My Jesus He Loves Me

2015 Elijah!

2014 What’s Up, Zak?

2013 Moses and the Freedom Fanatics

2012 Bible Bound: The Ultimate Adventure

2011 Joseph: From the Pit to the Palace

2010 Oh Jonah!

2009 A Technicolor Promise

2008 The Tale of the Three Trees