I think I was in third grade when a travelling evangelical puppet show came to our church. At the time, my family attended Victory Road Evangelical Free Church. It was a great community. Sunday School and services filled up Sunday mornings. Praise and prayer every Sunday night. Wednesday night Bible studies. The primarily young families were on fire with love for Jesus. My brother and I would spend evenings running around the church with a dozen other kids while the parents conversed.

By the time the traveling puppet show came around, I had heard a few altar calls and I knew that my time was coming to respond to the call. However, I also knew that I was still young enough to wait a little longer. I remember asking my mom if it was time for me to accept Jesus as my personal Savior and she responded by asking me what I felt about it.

I felt that I wanted to give my life to Jesus, but that I needed to feel a strong emotion about it. It didn’t seem right to do something like this without strong fervor.  I think part of my hesitation was the public and adult nature of the altar call. Normally, the pastor would invite people to come up in front of everyone. Even though I felt the tug on my heart to tell Jesus how much I loved Him, I didn’t want to go in front of the assembly and then have the pastor ask me questions.

This puppet show ended with an altar call. I felt the desire to respond stronger than ever and the tears started welling up. Surrounded by kids, with a puppet leading the call, I stood up and prayed that Sinner’s Prayer.

Thank you puppets.

Please share your embarrassing Holy Spirit moments.