Choristers' Challenge

Sing like a Catholic. Sing the Mass.

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Dear Archbishop Lucas



for the great music that you have provided us with

and for inspiring us to sing God’s praise

at each and every Holy Mass.

Gloria Singers – Norfolk Catholic 5th & 6th Grade School Mass Choir

Please accept this humble token of our gratitude for the music that you have given us through the Archdiocese of Omaha Core Repertoire. The following recordings were made during our weekly elementary school Mass. Although they include the normal background noise that is heard during Mass, hopefully, you will also be able to hear our hearts lifted up in joyful song. Continue reading

The Elementary School Sing the Mass Challenge: Day 1

Today, we sang our first Mass for the elementary school Sing the Mass Challenge. I was nervous about how the school would respond to being told that the Mass was being recorded. As we only have a couple grade school Masses left for the year, we needed to get it right quickly, or we would run out of time. Also, today was the first time trying out the new microphone set-up and I didn’t know if the mics would pick up the congregation clearly. On top of that, there was a 6th grade field trip today! The elementary school leaders were gone.

Nevertheless, today was a great success. Listen to the clips of the school singing the Mass. Fr. Andrews sang various dialogues and prayers, too. Mrs. Mary O’Boyle Kienbaum and Mrs. Virginia Maas inspired the Gloria Singers and the school with their direction and flute playing respectively.  I was proud to be playing for such a vibrant and joyful congregation.

Here are the recordings from this morning. We will record these songs again next week and then compile the best takes for a Sing the Mass album. Way to go Norfolk Catholic Elementary!

O Sons and Daughters

Lord, have Mercy – Mass in Honor of Saint Cecilia by David Hurd


We are the Stewards – Sara Kalamaja


We Proclaim


Our Father

Lamb of God

How Lovely is Your Dwelling Place – J. Michael McCabe

Regina Caeli

Alleluia No. 1