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Music Ministry through AGAPE

A artistic – Beauty is the first priority, Make Beautiful Music

G genuine – The music selections should be helpful to your unique congregation

A authentic – Be true to your Church history, reproduce the essential features of your denomination’s music, know your congregation’s listening history (what music do they know, what music styles are they familiar with)

P purposeful – Wed the Music to the Rite: timing, feeling/emotion, i.e. film scoring, cover ambient noise

E evangelizing – spread the Gospel through music


The above is my paraphrasing of a presentation given by Dr. Peter Latona in Omaha in January, 2017.  He used the AGAPE acrostic as a way to illustrate the main considerations for developing a music ministry for worship.

In addition, Dr. Latona provided instruction on how to develop improvisation skills. Improvisation plays a large role in what I do at Mass, so I especially enjoyed the techniques that he proposed.

  1. base improvs on repertoire styles – collect excerpts from myriad composers in a notebook (Dupre, Tournemire, Langlais, Copland, etc), and then choose a style to imitate – have an improv plan
  2. add harmonic color: add one accidental at a time in order
  3. Improvise on the music at Mass – motets, psalms
  4. Don’t overuse the Pedal or the Celeste – improvise without the pedal, vary what stops you use

Dr. Peter Latona comes to Nebraska

This weekend, I am excited to attend an organ recital and workshops led by Peter Latona. Dr. Marie Rubis Bauer will be hosting his visit at Saint Cecilia Cathedral in Omaha.


Go to 7:37 and hear Dr. Latona direct the choir singing Mozart for the Funeral of US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C..

What a gift to the Catholic Church in the USA!