One of the most exciting opportunities arising from the publication of the Third Edition of the Roman Missal is that of developing a new repertoire of Mass settings.

We have learned the following thus far:

    Heritage Mass by Owen Alstott

    Mass in Honor of Saint Cecilia by David Hurd

    Mass of a Joyful Heart by Steve Angrisano

    Community Mass by Richard Proulx

    Missa pro editione Tertia by Christopher Mueller

    Roman Missal Mass

    Jubilate Deo Mass

    Mass of Communion by Matt Maher

    German Mass by Franz Schubert (Richard Proulx)

    Missa Simplex by Michael O’Connor and Richard Proulx

    Mass of Saint Ann by Ed Bolduc

    The Psallite Mass: At the Table of the Lord

        by The Collegeville Composers Group


This Lent, we are going to sing Mass of the Angels by Richard J. Clark.

I like this setting because it sounds overwhelmingly Catholic. Drawing from the original Latin Mass “Missa de Angelis,” this English setting contains lush harmonies for the choir, and a melody that sings itself, it is so easy. To this day, “Missa de Angelis” remains the most well known Mass setting worldwide. Many of the papal liturgies in Rome and elsewhere utilize parts of the “Missa de Angelis.” It is a setting that transcends cuture and time, allowing all Catholics to sing their faith as one. I pray that “Mass of the Angels” will plant a seed in our parish youth that flowers into a deep love of their Catholic faith, and of the beauty that God lavishes upon us.

youtube video Kyrie

youtube video Lenten Gospel Acclamation

youtube video Sanctus

youtube vide Agnus Dei