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Ain’t No Party Like a Catholic Party!

Coro Guadalupano spent a fantastic Sunday in Omaha! We sang for a full church for Mass in Spanish at Saint Peter Catholic Church with Pastor John Broheimer and Music Director Zachary Turner. Then, we ate at Guaca Maya. In the evening, we sang for Mass at Saint Cecilia Cathedral. Pastor Gutgsell graciously welcomed us through the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy Cathedral Door and gave us a blessing. Saint Cecilia Cathedral and Archdiocese of Omaha Music Director, Dr. Marie Rubis Bauer, explained the artistic and architectural wonders of the Cathedral and rehearsed with us.

Coro Guadalupano has served Sacred Heart Parish for over 12 years!  Here’s to many more…

Ascension Thursday

God Bless

the Archdiocese of Omaha

for celebrating

Ascension Thursday on Thursday!

I especially like the images where the artist shows only Jesus’ feet.

There is a great scene of the Ascension from one of the early silent movies, “The Life and Passion of Jesus Christ,” directed by Lucien Nonguet et Ferdinand Zecca and produced by Pathe Freres in 1903. The Ascension begins at 42:20.


Dear Archbishop Lucas



for the great music that you have provided us with

and for inspiring us to sing God’s praise

at each and every Holy Mass.

Gloria Singers – Norfolk Catholic 5th & 6th Grade School Mass Choir

Please accept this humble token of our gratitude for the music that you have given us through the Archdiocese of Omaha Core Repertoire. The following recordings were made during our weekly elementary school Mass. Although they include the normal background noise that is heard during Mass, hopefully, you will also be able to hear our hearts lifted up in joyful song. Continue reading

The Elementary School Sing the Mass Challenge: Day 1

Today, we sang our first Mass for the elementary school Sing the Mass Challenge. I was nervous about how the school would respond to being told that the Mass was being recorded. As we only have a couple grade school Masses left for the year, we needed to get it right quickly, or we would run out of time. Also, today was the first time trying out the new microphone set-up and I didn’t know if the mics would pick up the congregation clearly. On top of that, there was a 6th grade field trip today! The elementary school leaders were gone.

Nevertheless, today was a great success. Listen to the clips of the school singing the Mass. Fr. Andrews sang various dialogues and prayers, too. Mrs. Mary O’Boyle Kienbaum and Mrs. Virginia Maas inspired the Gloria Singers and the school with their direction and flute playing respectively.  I was proud to be playing for such a vibrant and joyful congregation.

Here are the recordings from this morning. We will record these songs again next week and then compile the best takes for a Sing the Mass album. Way to go Norfolk Catholic Elementary!

O Sons and Daughters

Lord, have Mercy – Mass in Honor of Saint Cecilia by David Hurd


We are the Stewards – Sara Kalamaja


We Proclaim


Our Father

Lamb of God

How Lovely is Your Dwelling Place – J. Michael McCabe

Regina Caeli

Alleluia No. 1


Elementary School Challenge Repertoire

Music Booklet This booklet contains the following music:

O Sons and Daughters

Lord, have Mercy Mass in Honor of Saint Cecilia by David Hurd

Alleluia Mass in Honor of Saint Cecilia by David Hurd

We are the Stewards Sara Kalamaja

Preface Dialogue

Holy, Holy, Holy Mass in Honor of Saint Cecilia by David Hurd

Mystery of Faith Mass in Honor of Saint Cecilia by David Hurd

Amen Mass in Honor of Saint Cecilia by David Hurd

Our Father

Lamb of God Mass in Honor of Saint Cecilia by David Hurd

How Lovely is Your Dwelling Place, O Lord of Hosts J. Michael McCabe

Regina Caeli

Alleluia No 1


Elementary School Mass Challenge

As the 2015-2016 school year winds up to its hectic conclusion, we have one more challenge to complete:

demonstrate how well we have learned to

Sing the Mass as a school

In 2011, Archbishop Lucas encouraged us to prepare to receive the Third Edition of the Roman Missal by singing the Mass. He even provided us with a new Mass setting and new antiphons to help our archdiocese make this transition. As a sign of gratitude to him for his leadership and assistance, we will finish our school year by recording the elementary school singing the Mass in Honor of Saint Cecilia by David Hurd, the Mass dialogues and Archdiocesan Antiphons at the weekly school Masses.

The Music List

Recordings of Repertoire


Choristers’ Challenge 2015-2016

April 1, 2016 was the deadline we set for recording all of our 2015-2016 Choristers’ Challenge repertoire. With Holy Week, Easter, Confirmation, Divine Mercy Sunday and First Communion all celebrated in the span of 21 days, we will take the month of April to complete our challenge.

The idea behind the Choristers’ Challenge was to commit ourselves to learning the Archdiocese of Omaha core repertoire and to learning the most popular and well loved Catholic music. Listen to the results below.


2015-2016 Repertoire Challenge


Roman Missal Mass

Mass in Honor of Saint Cecilia by David Hurd

Missa Simplex by Richard Proulx

Mass of the Angels by Richard Clark

Missa pro Editione Tertia by Christopher Mueller

Jubilate Deo Mass

Misa de Angelis

Catholic Hymns

Salve Regina

Alma Redemptoris Mater

Ave Regina Caelorum

Ave Maria

Regina Caeli

Rorate Caeli

Attende Domine

Parce Domine

Regina Caeli Jubila

Veni Creator Spiritus

Archdiocese of Omaha – Antiphons by Michael McCabe

All who are Thirsty

At the Name of Jesus

Come, let us Worship God

Follow Me, I will make you Fishers of Men

How Lovely is your Dwelling Place

Let the Heart of those who fear the Lord, rejoice

The Bread that I will give

When I cried out to the Lord



Holy Priests: Fr. John Broheimer

I first met Fr. Broheimer when he was the pastor in Neligh and Tilden and Fr.+Broheimer+Official+Photo+Croppedhe helped with our parish reconciliation services. He would honor me by asking about our music program and our organ, showing an interest in what our parish musicians were doing. A talented musician, Fr. Broheimer regularly gives organ recitals.

1)      What are some of your strongest musical influences: sacred and secular?

Secular classical music always fascinated me even from a young age.  An appreciation for the musical arts will naturally lead one into the pinnacle of this art, Sacred Music.  The actual purpose of all (real) art is to reflect the true, the good, and the beautiful.  Because God is the source of all these, music finds its greatest expression in the praise of God.  So early on after experiencing, studying, and playing much secular music, I was naturally led to appreciate Sacred Music the most.  Obviously, as a priest, this is of great interest to me.

2)      How did the liturgy and sacred music influence you as you accepted your call to the priesthood?

Following my last answer, Sacred Music was very formative for me.  How could it not be?  That is the purpose of Sacred Music – as Sacred Music gives voice and expression to their faith and love of God it shapes the minds and hearts of the faithful at the same time.  It was a natural transition for me to go from playing and singing secular music to playing and singing sacred music and then to be called to the priesthood.  I would say at least Sacred Music opened the door to God’s mysteries for me as good Sacred Music is able to do for all people when offered according to the Magisterium of the Church.

3)      What role does music take for you when you celebrate Mass?  How do you experience music during Mass from your unique vantage point as the celebrant?  For example, do you sing the prayers and dialogues, do you pray while the musicians sing, do you sing along, do you sing with your microphone on/off, etc?

In my current assignment, most of the Mass is sung, and nearly every bit on high feast days.  We are thankfully a singing parish.  The people know that to sing well is to praise God twice, as the saying goes.  The sacred texts are enlivened when sung.  It’s quite different to sing the prayers than to merely speak them.  When sung, the beauty and reverence that is due in Mass becomes apparent to all.  Celebrating the sacred mysteries calls for our greatest offering of praise to God; our greatest industry and effort.  Singing is a part of this offering and has been since the beginning of man’s praise of God.

4)      How does the type of Mass being celebrated (i.e. weekday Mass, school Mass, nursing home Mass, primary weekend Mass, teen Mass, ferial/solemnity) influence what music there should be at Mass?

There is a hierarchy or progressive solemnity to our celebrations.  A weekday ferial Mass is not likely to have any singing, while a solemnity should have the fullness of music.  This is according to the mind of the Church, of course.  While the Mass is always the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, not all celebrations have the same “weight,” if you will.  That progression of music at the Mass must be done according to what the priest and people are capable of, but here at St. Peter, the people are quite capable and want to sing with their hearts and their voices at every opportunity.  We do sing a bit more here than most parishes.

The Reverend John P. Broheimer

  • Kenrick Major Theological Seminary – June 7 2003
  • Mary Our Queen – Omaha
  • St. Cecilia Cathedral – Omaha
  • St. Francis of Assisi – Neligh and Our Lady of Mount Carmel – Tilden
    • Teaching Duties, Pope John XXIII High School – Elgin
  • Currently: St. Peter – Omaha
    • Spiritual Director for the Legion of Mary – Our Lady of the Rosary Curia, Archdiocese of Omaha
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