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Music and Silence – how I detest them both!

Enjoy this rousing excerpt from The Screwtape Letters by CS Lewis read by John Cleese.  Screwtape rants about music and silence.

CS LEWIS on Spiritual Reading

WHEREVER YOU FIND a little study circle of Christian laity, you can be almost certain that they are studying not St. Luke, or St. Paul, or St. Augustine, or Thomas Aquinas, or Hooker, or Butler, but M. Berdyaev, or M. Maritain, or Mr. Niebuhr, or Miss Sayers, or even myself. Continue reading

CS LEWIS on First Fervor

MANY RELIGIOUS PEOPLE lament that the first fervors of their conversion have died away. They think Рsometimes rightly, but not, I believe, always Рthat their sins account for this. They may even try by pitiful efforts of will to revive what now seem to have been the golden days. But were those fervors Рthe operative word is those Рever intended to last? Continue reading

CS LEWIS on Ready-made Prayers

FOR MANY YEARS after my conversion I never used any ready-made forms except the Lord’s Prayer. In fact, I tried to pray without words at all

Continue reading