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Is the Kyrie a part of the Penitential Rite?

This question arises whenever instructions state to omit the Penitential Rite. Oftentimes, priests, answering this question in the affirmative, will also omit the Kyrie. However, there is evidence to suggest that, in fact, the Kyrie is not a part of the penitential rite. Thus, priests omit the Kyrie when it should be included. Here are several citations that indicate that the Kyrie is separate from the penitential rite:

GIRM #46.

The rites that precede the Liturgy of the Word, namely, the Entrance, the Greeting, the Penitential Act, the Kyrie, the Gloria in excelsis (Glory to God in the highest) and Collect, have the character of a beginning, an introduction, and a preparation.

GIRM #52.

After the Penitential Act, the Kyrie, eleison (Lord, have mercy), is always begun, unless it has already been part of the Penitential Act.

Ceremonial of Bishops #255, on Ash Wednesday:

The introductory rites of the Mass and, as circumstances suggest, also the Kyrie are omitted, and the bishop immediately says the opening prayer.

GIRM #125.

The Penitential Act follows. After this, the Kyrie is sung or said, in accordance with the rubrics (cf. no. 52).

Roman Missal, Third Edition, which says for Ash Wednesday (Stational) and Palm Sunday:

Omitting the Introductory Rites and, if appropriate, the Kyrie, he says the Collect of the Mass, and then continues the Mass in the usual way.

The Third Edition of the Roman Missal clarified that the Gloria should be sung at weddings. This creates another situation giving us clear instructions to omit the penitential rite and to sing the Gloria, but making no mention of the Kyrie. I had hoped that this issue would be clarified with the new edition of The Order of Celebrating Matrimony. However, the recently published Order of Celebrating Matrimony states:

The Penitential Act is omitted. The Gloria in excelsis is said according to the rubric of the Roman Missal…

An insert like this: “The Penitential Act and the Kyrie are omitted.” OR “The Kyrie and Gloria in excelsis are said…” would have clarified the issue.

The Bishop’s Committee on the Liturgy developed this analysis of the issue: bislitkyrie

The Extraordinary Form: what does it teach us?

As a reference, at a wedding in the Extraordinary Form (the Mass before Vatican II), the Kyrie follows the entrance chant .  In the extraordinary form, the rite of marriage takes place before the Mass is celebrated.  After the couple give their consent, exchange vows, and the rings are blessed and exchanged, the entrance chant begins. In this example, the Kyrie begins at 8:48.

The community at forum discuss this topic here.

In cases of ambiguity such as this, discuss the issue with the pastor and proceed according to his decision.

Wedding Music

When choosing music for a wedding, sometimes it helps to listen to numerous options as a way of deciding what you really like. Below are samples of several selections that are especially appropriate for weddings. In addition, here is a form that lists all the musical parts of the wedding, plus musician fees.

Please fill out this form and return it to me at least one month before the wedding.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, have other selections in mind, or have questions, please contact me:

402 649-8316

204 South 5th Street Norfolk, NE

Organ Selections

1 Sanctify us by Thy Goodness    JS BachMT_WP_1440x900

2 Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring    JS Bach

3 Ave Maria    JS Bach

4 Aria    GF Handel

5 Air    GF Handel

6 Minuet    GF Handel

7 Hornpipe    GF HandelJohn-Bosco-WP-copy-1080x675

8 Trumpet March    J Clarke

9 Trumpet Tune    H Purcell

10 Prelude    G Charpentier

11 Trumpet Voluntary    J Stanley

12 Canon in D    J PachelbelFulton_Sheen_WP

13 Sleepers Wake, a Voice is Calling    JS Bach

14 Ode to Joy    L Beethoven

15 Rondeau    JJ Mouret

16 Toccata    CM Widor

17 Finale    L Vierne

18 Dorian Toccata    JS BachBlChiara_1440x900WP

19 Adagio    F Mendelssohn

20 Abide with Me    JS Bach

21 Arioso    JS Bach

22 G Major Prelude    JS Bach

Responsorial Psalms

23 Psalm 33 The Earth is full of the Goodness of the Lord

24 Psalm 34 Taste and See the Goodness of the Lord

25 Psalm 103 The Lord is Kind and MercifulYoungJPII_WP_1440x900-1080x675

26 Psalm 128 Blessed are those who fear the Lord

27 Psalm 145 I will praise your name for ever, my King and my God


29 Psalm 118 This Day is Made by the Lord

Wedding Songs

31 Servant SongStEdithSteinWP-1080x675

32 One Bread, One Body

33 The Wedding Prayer

34 Age to Age

35 Here I am, Lord

36 Love One Another

37 When Love is FoundSt-Gemma-WP

Songs to the Blessed Virgin Mary
38 On this Day, O Beautiful Mother

39 Hail Mary, Gentle Woman


  • Comprehensive Union: Mind and Body
  • Ordered for having and raising children
  • Exclusive and for life

What is Marriage? Man and Woman: A Defense by Sherif Gergis, Ryan T. Anderson and Robert P. George.

I highly recommend reading this brief explanation of the different ways in which people define marriage. The authors develop the implications and the consequences of each.