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Sing like a Catholic. Sing the Mass.

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God Loves Friday

Do you want your Mass to sound Catholic? Try this.

Here are two simple chant hymns: Regina Caeli and Adoro te Devote. Don’t let the Latin scare you, as these famous hymns can be sung in any language. They are easy to learn, catchy, and have been sung by Catholics throughout the world for centuries. Continue reading

Do you want to transform your congregation? Sing the Mass!

Singing the Mass adds less than 3 minutes to the length of Mass, yet it completely revolutionizes congregational participation. By directly engaging the congregation with simple dialogues and prayers, the priest cultivates a heightened liturgical experience.

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Pope St. Clement: First Papal Decree on Sacred Music

Pope Saint Clement, who ruled from 92 to 101 A.D., was the first pope to make a decree concerning Sacred Music. The distinction he made was that liturgical chant (psalms and hymns) should be sung during the liturgy but must not be sung outside of the liturgy. This distinction both promoted the use of liturgical chants and hymns and also protected this same chant from profane use.

“In the pagan festivals, let us not sing the psalms, and let us not read the Scriptures, for fear of seeming like the wandering minstrels, singers and tellers of tales of high adventure, who perform their art for a mouthful of bread. It is not fitting that thus we sing the canticles of the Lord in a strange land.”

– Pope St. Clement in his Epistle to the Corinthians

from Papal Legislation on Sacred Music by Robert F. Hayburn