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Coronavirus Chorister Challenge #3

Coronavirus Chorister Challenge #2

Coronavirus Chorister Challenge

Take the Coronavirus Chorister Challenge to learn a new Mass. There are 6 parts to learn.  Some are simple, but others will require more preparation. To complete each part, you will send me a recording of yourself singing it (listen to the recording on headphones while recording onto your phone). Once I receive your recording, I will send you the next Mass part.

Anyone can participate, so feel to share this with your friends far and wide. I will take everyone’s recordings to make a choir version of the Mass.




Sacred Heart SINGS at CHRIST the KING

Depart: 6:15 am, Sunday, March 1st, Saint Mary’s Parking Lot

8:30 am Choir Rehearsal

9:30 am Morning Prayer

10:00 Mass

11:30 am Lunch

Arrive back in Norfolk by 3:00 pm

Cost: $20 – includes chartered bus

Bring: A sack lunch and snacks

Register by February 17, 2020


NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES ALLOWED. We will collect all devices at the beginning of the trip.

PLEASE fill out and return this parent permission form, so that your child may attend:

Archdiocese of Omaha Permission FormChrsttheKing2020


Sing the Mass for Priests

Here are recordings of a simplified version of the Missal chants for the priest. Hopefully, these will encourage more priests to lead their congregation in singing the Mass.


In the Name of the Father…


The Lord be with you.


The Gospel of the Lord.


Sursum Corda


The Mystery of Faith.


Through him, and with him…


Our Father intro




God Loves Friday

Best Lent Ever


 Lamb of God by John Reim


God Loves Friday

The Musical: Parent Sign-Up

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