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Sacred Music in Lincoln Nebraska

Last Saturday, I attended the first annual Sacred Music Clinic for the Diocese of Lincoln. Hosted by Bishop Conley with nationally known presenters (Adam Bartlett and Matthew Meloche), over 200 musicians gathered to learn how to sing the Mass. The event took place in the resplendent Saint Thomas Aquinas Newman Center. Throughout the clinic, students and adults could be seen visiting the beautifully appointed Chapel for prayer and adoration.

Highlights from the day included seeing so many young people, religious and priests involved in parish music and eager to learn from their Shepherd, Bishop Conley. Also, Adam Bartlett shared a helpful description of the different roles music plays in our lives and the role the Church’s sacred music can play in our worship. Finally, schola director Nicholas Lemme inspired our large chant group as he taught us how to sing the Communion Antiphon.

I enjoyed attending with two friends: Sr. Ellen Marie Bayer and Virginia Maas. Sr. Ellen Marie seemed to know almost everyone in attendance.

Congratulations to Lincoln for a successful and informative Sacred Music Clinic!


Here is an article about the clinic: Amy Flamminio at New Liturgical Movement

Here are some photos from this fantastic day:


World Youth Day and Poland

Musical preparations have already begun for World Youth Day: Krakow. What is the sacred music scene in Poland? What will the world’s Catholic youth find in the land of Saint John Paul II? I know several people who will be attending the events in Krakow this summer and I am really excited for them.

Poland and Youth: what promise! Poland’s history is so replete with suffering and faith it is no wonder that it has produced so many saints. How much worse would the twentieth century have been without faithful Polish Catholics?

Saint John Paul II. Pray for us.

Saint Faustina. Pray for us.

Saint Maximilian Kolbe. Pray for us.

Blessed Teresa of Calcutta. Pray for us.


Pope St. Clement: First Papal Decree on Sacred Music

Pope Saint Clement, who ruled from 92 to 101 A.D., was the first pope to make a decree concerning Sacred Music. The distinction he made was that liturgical chant (psalms and hymns) should be sung during the liturgy but must not be sung outside of the liturgy. This distinction both promoted the use of liturgical chants and hymns and also protected this same chant from profane use.

“In the pagan festivals, let us not sing the psalms, and let us not read the Scriptures, for fear of seeming like the wandering minstrels, singers and tellers of tales of high adventure, who perform their art for a mouthful of bread. It is not fitting that thus we sing the canticles of the Lord in a strange land.”

– Pope St. Clement in his Epistle to the Corinthians

from Papal Legislation on Sacred Music by Robert F. Hayburn

The music of world religions

What is the music of various religions?



Latin Rite Catholic

Russian Orthodox