Choristers' Challenge

Sing like a Catholic. Sing the Mass.

Tag: Saint John Paul II

Do you want your Mass to sound Catholic? Try this.

Here are two simple chant hymns: Regina Caeli and Adoro te Devote. Don’t let the Latin scare you, as these famous hymns can be sung in any language. They are easy to learn, catchy, and have been sung by Catholics throughout the world for centuries. Continue reading

World Youth Day and Poland

Musical preparations have already begun for World Youth Day: Krakow. What is the sacred music scene in Poland? What will the world’s Catholic youth find in the land of Saint John Paul II? I know several people who will be attending the events in Krakow this summer and I am really excited for them.

Poland and Youth: what promise! Poland’s history is so replete with suffering and faith it is no wonder that it has produced so many saints. How much worse would the twentieth century have been without faithful Polish Catholics?

Saint John Paul II. Pray for us.

Saint Faustina. Pray for us.

Saint Maximilian Kolbe. Pray for us.

Blessed Teresa of Calcutta. Pray for us.